EzyPesa Services

You can use Ezypesa for all the following services:

Merchant Services

LUKUMainland Customers can make payment of TANESCO meters using EzyPesa.
TUKUZAZanzibar customers can pay their ZECO meter numbers using EzyPesa
DSTVTelevision subscriptions
StartimesTelevision subscriptions
DAWASCOWater bills payment for Dar es Salaam
EzyMimina/Mimina StockElectronic Voucher Stock purchase for Zantel dealers
ZUKUTelevision bill payment
Shoppers Super MarketPayment of products at Shoppers Super Market
Precision AirAir Ticket Payment
Azam TVTelevision subcriptions
Lipa kwa EzyPesaPayment of products and service using EzyPesa
MobistockPurchase of Stock for Distribution via EzyPesa
PBZBank service on EzyPesa


DtreePayment of Salaries to customers (B2C)
Jia ChangPayment of Salaries to customers (B2C)
Zanzibar Outreach Programe (ZOP)Payment of Salaries to customers (B2C)

Super Agency

CRDB bankAgent cash in and Cash out at CRDB banks