International Airtime Transfer

This is an airtime transfer service that enables friends, family and business associates living abroad to be able to transfer airtime to their loved ones on Zantel network back in Tanzania.

This new service is in conjunction with a company known as TransferTo, a global airtime remittance hub that interconnects mobile operators worldwide.

TransferTo enables small value transfers through mobile phone, sales locations and the internet. With this solution, people living abroad can send airtime from their mobile phones, through TransferTo retailers located in more than 100 countries worldwide, or using the internet from anywhere in the world. It is immediate, fast, reliable, secure and a convenient solution for international mobile top-ups at the ideal low cost. Recharging is in real-time and both sender and receiver are immediately notified by SMS.

A simple example will be someone living in America transfering credit from his mobile phone account to the mobile prepaid Zantel account of his mother back in Tanzania. Users can transfer from as low as one Euro (Tsh 2,200), simply by SMS from a mobile phone.


Q. What should a ZANTEL customer do to enjoy this service?
A. If you have a friend or family that you would like to maintain bond with, tell them about this great solution. They will simply need to ask their mobile operators, visit TransferTo sales points or visit the websites detailed below for them to transfer airtime.

Q. In which Countries does TransferTo operate?
TransferTo is available in the UK, USA, Canada, Middle East and Gulf countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia,Oman, Qatar etc and Asian countries including China, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia, as well as some African and Southern American countries. Via websites detailed below, your friends and family can send you airtime top-up from anywhere in the world.


Sending airtime via internet from anywhere in the world, please visit
For those in the USA, please visit
This offer is for Prepaid customers only.
For more information, dial 100.