Zantel announces Benoit Janin as their new CEO

Dar es Salaam-November 2, 2015: Zantel Tanzania, has announced Benoit Janin as their new Chief Executive Officer taking over the reign from Pratap Ghose.

In October, Millicom announced that it had completed the acquisition of a stake in Zantel and will work alongside the Government of Zanzibar to create a strong and revitalized Zantel, bringing new benefits to customers including improved customer experience on voice, data and mobile financial services.

Mr. Janin was previously CEO for Tigo in Chad which he led to double digit growth as the leading mobile telecom operator in the country, and the first in Central Africa to introduce 4G services. For the past 16 years, he has worked in the telecom industry, mainly in Africa as well as other emerging markets.

Speaking of his new role during staff meeting, Benoit Janin said: “I am delighted to be taking over the leadership of Zantel which is such an iconic and important brand for the people of Zanzibar. The focus for the whole team at Zantel will be on continuing to enhance the Zantel brand experience for customers. Existing 2G and 3G networks will be improved and extended and in early 2016, we plan to launch 4G on the island for the first time.”

The new CEO is committed to work with the team to ensure the brand is reinvigorated .To that end, Benoit took the opportunity during this staff meeting to recognize the longest servicing employee of Zantel by the name of Beneath Kagoro who is NOC team leader and has been with the business for 16 years.

In closing , Mr. Janin said “I am motivated by the challenge in creating the new era for Zantel where we are going to leverage the current brand assets, increase the quality of service, improve mobile money services and expand areas of Corporate Social Responsibility ’.

In Zantel he would be responsible for enhancing market share and margins along with growth of alternate revenue streams taking Zantel to their next phase.


Millicom Completes Zantel Acquisition

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    Modification in Ezynet & 3G data packs

    Dear All,

    Please be informed that we are implementing below changes in Ezynet & 3G data packs effective 16:00 Hrs. today Dt. 21st April 2015

    Details of the changes are mentioned below:
    Ezynet (CDMA)
    Denominations (Tsh) Current Proposed
    Data Validity Data Validity
    500200 MB24 HRS300 MB24 HRS
    1000450 MB24 HRS1.5 GB24 HRS
    2000800 MB24 HRS3 GB24 HRS
    50001 GB7 Days5 GB7 Days
    80001.5 GB7 Days8 GB7 Days
    120002.5 GB7 Days12 GB7 Days
    6000600 MB30 Days1 GB30 Days
    100001 GB30 Days3 GB30 Days
    150002 GB30 Days5 GB30 Days
    250006 GB30 Days20 GB30 Days

    3G (GSM)
    Denominations (Tsh) Current Proposed
    Data Validity Data Validity
    500200 MB24 HRS300 MB24 HRS
    1000450 MB24 HRS1.5 GB24 HRS
    2000800 MB + Night Unlimited(11pm to 6am)24 HRS3 GB + Night Unlimited(11pm to 6am)24 HRS
    50001 GB7 Days5 GB7 Days
    80001.5 GB7 Days8 GB7 Days
    120002.5 GB + Night Unlimited(11pm to 6am)7 Days12 GB + Night Unlimited(11pm to 6am)7 Days
    6000600 MB30 Days1 GB30 Days
    100001 GB30 Days3 GB30 Days
    150002 GB30 Days5 GB30 Days
    250006 GB + Night Unlimited(11pm to 6am)30 Days20 GB + Night Unlimited(11pm to 6am)30 Days


    Dar es Salaam, March 08, 2015: ZANTEL the cheapest network in Tanzania, last week organised an open concert in collaboration with Times FM dubbed “Tanzania Zalendo” which aimed at creating patriotism in the youth by unleashing their potential and to provide a platform to come together and work for self and societal development at Coco Beach Grounds.

    Various undertakings were carried on the ground such as EzyPesa Registration, SIM Registration, and one to one interaction to discuss more with existing ZANTEL and the would be customers on Mpakabasi bundles which gives our customers better volume of minutes, SMSs and MBs for less.

    The concert was well-crowded with the population of Dar es Salaam that arrived at Coco Beach to participate in the edutainment concert which gave them an opportunity to learn more about Zantel and its products and services.

    Roma Mkatoliki, Tunda Man, and Baraka The Prince amused the crowd to the fullest as seen in the pictures below.

    The rocking hip hop artist, Roma Mkatoliki on stage

    Roma Mkatoliki performing to the crowd (Pictures above)

    Tunda Man on the ZANTEL Zalendo Concert entertaining the audiences

    Baraka The Prince well known by his voice, amusing the crowd


    Zantel and Tigo Customers to enjoy 100% Secure and Reliable Mobile Money Services Across Their Networks

    Zanzibar, Dec 17th, 2014: ZANTEL and Tigo have officially launched the mobile money interoperability service in Tanzania that will open up a number of mobile money transactions between the customers’ of the two telecom operators. In addition to transactions within their own network, EzyPesa and TigoPesa customers are now able to send and receive cash direct to and from customer friends and family on their partner networks across the country.

    This places ZANTEL and Tigo among the pioneers of this service in the world, a progressive initiative announced by EzyPesa, TigoPesa and Airtel Money early this year.

    How it works:

    Zantel Customers: Tigo Customers:
    1. Dial *150*02# 1. Dial *150*01#
    2. Choose: Option 1 (Send Money) 2. Choose: Option 1 (Send Money)
    3. Choose: Option 2 (Send to TigoPesa) 3. Choose: Option 5 (Send to Zantel)
    3.1. Enter TigoPesa Number 3.1. Enter Zantel Number
    3.2. Enter Amount 3.2. Enter Amount
    3.3. Enter Password 3.3. Enter Password
    3.4. Wait for the confirmation SMS 3.4. Wait for the confirmation SMS

    There is no surcharge for sending money across networks and charges are priced the same as sending within their home network. Customers receiving money from another network can cash out from their own networks agents and no longer have to find agents from the other network.

    Zantel’s Commercial Director, Mohamed Mussa, commented that Zantel continues to fulfil its promise of bringing ease to its customers by enabling them with financial mobility through their partnership with Tigopesa.

    By doing this we have increased the customer base that can interact with Zantel customers through sending and receiving. We are at the forefront on the financial traction corridors between Zanzibar and Mainland, concluded Mr. Mussa.

    Mobile Finance Director, Hashim Mukudi also added, that Zantel is at the forefront to ensure the rate of financial inclusion and financial participation in Zanzibar is improves. We have ensured our agents network and the support agency mechanism are in place to serve the customers.

    Tigo’s Head of Mobile Financial Services, Andrew Hodgson, said, “We are delighted to expand our customers transacting capacity through our partnership with Zantel. By expanding our customer’s mobile money ecosystem, particularly in Zanzibar where there is still a lot of potential for mobile financial services growth.

    Similar to other telecommunication services like voice calls and text messages there are often huge opportunities to improve the customers experience by cooperating rather than only competing with industry partners massively expanding the digital financial inclusion in Tanzania.

    Through our partnerships with other industry players we are able to expand our customers digital world by leveraging existing technology to effectively combine our mutual customer base, thereby exponentially expand the transactional ecosystem potential. In this way we are able offer additional convenience in terms transaction versatility, speed, safety and security to both our own, and our partner’s customer base.

    Indeed today's partnership will bring our two companies closer together but more importantly will bring our customers even closer, by providing access to electronic and digitized financial service that they were never previously able to access,” Hodgson added.

    Mr. Hashim Mukudi, ZANTEL Dir. MFS, speaking with journalist (not in picture) at the press conference in Zanzibar

    GROUP PHOTO — Senior Management Team from ZANTEL and TIGO.



    Dar es Salaam, Dec 10th, 2014: ZANTEL handed over to the Ministry of Spots, a world‐class boxing ring as our support towards the sports development of Boxing in the country.

    We believe that sports have a significant role to play in the country. If given the proper attention and investment, boxing can be a source of employment for our youth, entertainment as well as something that can promote Tanzania to the rest of the world.

    We will continue to support the government through Ministry of Sports in ensuring Tanzanian players are enabled to present the country in international tournament.

    Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Hon. Dr. Fenela Mkangara speaking to the stakeholders of Boxing and Karate sports at the handover ceremony of a world class boxing ring together with cheque of 10million Tanzanian shillings in support of Karate from ZANTEL. On her left is the ZANTEL CEO Mr. Pratap Ghose

    Honourable Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Dr. Fenela Mkangara, expressed her gratitude and emphasized that other corporates should follow ZANTEL’s example in assisting the development of sports in Tanzania.

    Mr. Pratap Ghose (L), ZANTEL CEO, speaking at the handover ceremony

    Mr. Pratap Ghose, ZANTEL CEO, said that, we are building a foundation of partnership with these associations through the guidance of the Ministry in order to empower other sports entities in the country that lack huge sponsorships.

    Mr. Charles N. Jutta, Snr. Mgr. ZANTEL Government Relations, giving introduction of the ZANTEL Team to the minister.

    Hon. Fenela Mkangara and Mr. Pratap Ghose wearing boxing gloves as a gesture of handing over the boxing ring

    Mr. Pratap Ghose shaking hands with Tanzanian professional boxer Mr. Francis Cheka

    A world-class boxing ring that ZANTEL has handover to the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture

    Zulfa Macho (R) boxing with Vumilia Kalinga at the opening fight at the ceremony

    Opening game for men



    Dar es Salaam, Nov 18th, 2014: ZANTEL and Tanzania Posts Corporation (TPC) exchanged Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the Julius Nyerere Convention Centre.

    This is an opportunity for both ZANTEL and TPC to look at the present status and articulate their focus to the future. ZANTEL and TPC share common purpose of applying new technologies in the provision of Universal Communication Services within the reach of the ordinary citizen in urban and rural areas.

    The MoU describe the ground under which the parties shall implement the proposed partnership encompassing, among other things, the following:
    ZANTEL CTO, Mr. Moncef Mettiji (L) speaking to journalist, next to him left is TPC Postmaster, Mr. Deos K. Mndeme

    TPC Postmaster General Mr. Deos K. Mndeme (R) giving his remarks prior to MoU exchanging, next to him is ZANTEL CTO, Mr. Moncef Mettiji

    ZANTEL CTO and TPC Postmaster General exchanging MoU at the JNICC, looking on is Charles Jutta — Zantel’s Senior Government Relations Manager.

    ZANTEL's Senior Officers listening to Mr. Moncef Mettiji (ZANTEL CTO) at the Press Conference.

    GROUP PHOTO — Senior Management Team from Zantel and TPC.



    Zantel Tanzania has handed over a support of 10 million Tanzania shillings to the Boxing Federation of Tanzania (BFT) for the development of boxing in the country.

    Handing the cheque to the Minister of the Ministry of Information, Youth, Culture and Sports, Hon. Dr. Fenella Mukangara, Zantel Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Pratap Ghose, said Zantel aims to support the development and prosperity of boxing in the country.

    ZANTEL CEO, Mr. Pratap Ghose (L) addressing the media (not in picture) regarding the sponsorship that ZANTEL has given to BFT. Looking on is Minister for Information, Youth, Culture and Sports, Hon. Dr. Fenella Mukangara

    Speaking after receiving the cheque Hon. Dr. Fenella Mukangara expressed her appreciation towards Zantel for the generous support that has given to the her ministry.

    "The involvement of Zantel will greatly contribute to the performance enhancement and development of boxing in Tanzania and will make the vision of BFT a reality" said Dr. Fenella Mukangara.

    Speaking at the event, BFT President, Muta Lwakatare said Zantel's support has come at the right time and he will ensure a proper use of the funds.

    Lwakatare also noted that the sponsorship is a milestone for BFT and they are certain that the sponsorship will make it possible for boxing to go far.

    "We thank Zantel for this great support, and we want to assure them their support will go direct in supporting our programs and general development of boxing in Tanzania" said Lwakatare.

    Zantel has been in support of various sports in the country, and this time they are sponsoring boxing as in March 2014 it was netball.


    Tigo, Airtel and Zantel to enable mobile money payments between their customers in Tanzania

    DAR ES SALAM, June 4th 2014: Tigo Airtel and Zantel announced today a pioneering agreement to allow customers of Tigo, Airtel and Zantel in Tanzania to send money to each other whether using Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money or EzyPesa on their mobile handsets. It is expected that the service will start by end of June.

    This is the first agreement in Africa to adopt such "interoperability" whereby mobile network operators allows their customer to send and receive money across the network and the e-money goes direct to the respective customer e‐wallet account.

    In the early years of the mobile industry, such agreements were common for both voice calls and SMS text messaging. With this agreement, customers of the three telecommunications company would be able to send money by mobile to each other directly, according to a statement issued by the companies.

    The joint press statement also listed other benefits customers of the three companies would enjoy as including the ability to send money at more affordable rates and in a simplified way which does not require use of PIN codes when making withdrawals as had been the practice before signing of the agreement.

    Diego Gutierrez, Tigo's General Manager for Tanzania, commented "We are delighted to work with Airtel and Zantel to extend the mobile money universe in Tanzania. With even more transactions possible, our customers' money is made even more safe and secure with this technology. Just as we co-operate with our competitors on voice calls and text to help our customers, so we hope to be able to do the same with mobile money and help make Tanzania a global pioneer in digital financial inclusion."

    On his part Airtel Managing Director Sunil Colaso said: "Airtel is committed to introduce to our customers new innovative services that look beyond competition, a tremendous evolution to ensure mobile inclusion that is sought by many Tanzanians taking into account our reach across the country." "Today's partnership will bring our customers closer to mobile service and ease their use of mobile money services," added Colaso.

    Zantel's Managing Director Pratap Ghose, said "Zantel has a strong commitment to excellence and innovation, and thus is happy about this partnership which will enable all our customers to conduct their businesses efficiently and with ease across Tanzania." "Zantel is proud to have been the pioneer in launching Mobile payments in 2008; and hence will work with the industry and the regulatory bodies to ensure that we offer 'best in class' service to our customers" added Mr.Ghose.

    The three companies also paid tribute to the Bank of Tanzania (B.O.T) for facilitating interoperability, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and IFC for playing the leading role on this initiative.

    Pictured above: ZANTEL CEO, Mr. Pratap Ghose, addressing the media (not in picture).

    Pictured from left is Director, MFS ZANTEL, Hashim Mukudi, Ag. CCO ZANTEL, Ahmed Seif and Director, Sales ZANTEL, Sukhwinder Bajwa, listening to the CEO.


    Zantel increase momentum in malaria fight

    Malaria Safe Initiative campaign continues to gain momentum in Tanzania after a mobile company; Zantel distributed 600 mosquito nets to its workers.

    The Initiative is an ambitious programme pioneered by United Against Malaria (UAM) to empower the private sector to promote prevention and treatment services of malaria in the workplace.

    Malaria Safe Initiative is being implemented continent wide and Tanzania boasts the highest number of active companies through Malaria Safe Companies.

    Speaking during the event yesterday in Dar es Salaam, a mobile telephone company, Zantel Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Pratap Ghose appealed to the staff to make sure they use the nets properly and attain the objectives.

    "The statistics of this disease are very staggering, we have to make sure that we fight it to be safe," he said.

    He noted that if the staff will be happy and healthy, the company also will perform well for the benefit of all.

    On her part, a Human Resource officer at the company, Ms. Saida Mustafa noted that the distribution of the nets was a continuation of the efforts to fight malaria for this year.

    "We want to focus on prevention this year," she said, adding that, they have been sensitizing staff and educating them on the disease in earlier stages.

    One of the staffs, Mr. Charles Jutta hailed the move, saying that it was a step forward toward eradicating malaria.

    Malaria Safe Companies invest in malaria control for their employees, families and communities by conducting activities under four pillars that are protection, education, visibility and advocacy.

    Over 40 Malaria Safe Companies in Tanzania are now reaping the benefits of investing in malaria control with their staff, families and communities.

    Experts say that tackling malaria requires more than only the health sector’s efforts but also enlisting champions from a wide range of sectors.

    Malaria kills 60,000 Tanzanians a year.

    The disease costs Africa $12 billion USD a year in (among other things) lost productivity, absenteeism and lost revenue.

    Some estimates put average African household spending on malaria at over 10 percent, greatly inhibiting families' ability to contribute to economy promoting consumer activities.




    International and local corporate bodies have been urged to support the Government initiatives in preventing and treatment of Malaria by coming together in Malaria Safe Initiatives. Malaria Safe Initiative was developed by Voices for Malaria, Free Future Project of John Hopkins Centre for Communication Programmes and the United Against Malaria Campaign (UAM).

    ZANTEL CEO, Mr. Pratap Ghose (L) receiving the Certificate of Recognition from the Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Hon. Dr. Seif Suleiman Rashid (R), looking on is the Malaria Ambassador Tanzania, Mr. Leodger Tenga.

    Zantel’s CEO, Pratap Ghose said, “the private sector players have a role to reverse bad effects of malaria and considerable reduce effects of the disease. Malaria Safe Companies invest in malaria control for their employees, families and communities by conducting activities on the four pillar – Education, Visibility, Protection and Advocacy.

    On behalf of the Prime Minister, Mr. Mizengo Pinda, The Minister of Health & Social Welfare, Dr.Seif Suleiman Rashid commended the companies and development partners for taking seriously initiatives to fight malaria.

    A group photo with the Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Hon. Dr. Seif Suleiman Rashid with the Malaria Safe Programme Companies, ZANTEL CEO, Mr. Pratap Ghose is seen on the far left followed by Awaichi Benson Mawalla, Head, Marketing Communications.

    The Tanzanian Mission Director- USAID, Ms.Sharon Cromer, said Malaria can only be eliminated through a comprehensive multi-sectional fight, I commend the private sector for taking the initiative to help in the most noble fight. The Minister, at the Zantel Pavilion speaking with the CEO, Mr. Pratap Ghose. Over 100 African private sector companies in 12 countries are implementing ‘The Malaria Safe Companies Initiative”. In Tanzania there are over 37 companies implementing the programme, making Tanzania with the highest number of active companies taking part in the initiative.

    Hon. Dr. Seif Suleiman Rashid, Minister for Health and Social Welfare (not pictured) listening to Saida K. Mustafa (2nd from L) briefing him on what Zantel has done on Malaria Safe Project. Looking on from far right is ZANTEL CEO, Mr. Pratap Ghose, ZANTEL CCO, Mr. Ahmed Seif, Specialist, Brand, Mr. Divine A. M. Mosi, and Winnes B. Lyaro, ZANTEL Procurement Assistant Officer.



    Thursday 17th April 2014,

    On Thursday, Zantel through their farming service titled Z Kilimo, partnered with Umoja wa Wakulima wa Mboga mboga na Matunda (UWAWIMA) in launching Commercial Agriculture for Small Holders (CASH) which is to train farmers in modern methods of commercial agriculture.

    Guest of Honor giving a few words on the event

    Agriculture Attaché Mr Abdulsalaam being showcased products

    The event that took place at the Kizimbani Agriculture Training Institute (KATI) had a guest list of farmers, partners and government officials.
    ZANTEL partnership was highly appraised by the invited guests and was proposed to involve itself not only in vegetable farming, but also in livestock.

    ZANTEL's Commercial Director Mr Mussa explaining the partnership to journalists.

    Country VSO Director appreciating ZANTEL's support

    VSO Director Jean Van Wetter has also thanked ZANTEL for their long partnership in such a key sector in the country. VSO who are drivers of the CASH program have worked closely in developing the Z Kilimo service which assists farmers in basic information and access to their day to day farming activities through UWAWIMA.

    ZANTEL's Commercial Director Mr Mussa explaining on the company's partnership

    Vegetable Green House

    A farmer simply needs to dial *149*50# and whereby through the menu, there are able to access information on weather, market price, transport arrangements from point to market and other key functions.

    KATI students showcasing soil treatment


    Zanzibar, April 12th, 2014:
    Zantel again through it wide mobile finance service EzyPesa held a Concert in Zanzibar at Kisonge grounds open to all Tanzania flava fans which was co organized in with our partners Furaha Media.

    The stage was showered by various artists from Zanzibar and mainland, they conquered the audiences beyond their expectations.

    Playlist was of Mwasiti, D-Knob, Godzillah, Shaa and Walter Chilambo from mainland while Chaby Six, Nassir Vanilla and Young Dancers were from Zanzibar.


    Zantel New Shops:
    ZANTEL is proud to introduce the new shop at Zantel shop for mobile phones and accessories of various brands at all our outlets.

    The shop at Zantel Shop offers brand new and genuine mobiles and accessories that are sold at a very reasonable price as opposed to the market price.

    All are invited any nearby Zantel outlet to shop for mobiles and accessories at a better price that can be found nowhere else but at Zantel.


    Zantel donates 1,800 reflective safety jackets for Mwanza Bodaboda Bikers

    Dar es Salaam, 23-March, 2013: Mobile Telecom, Zantel has donated 1,800 reflective safety jackets to the Union of Motorcyclists in Mwanza in a bid to reduce their involvement in accidents.
    The jackets worthy 11 million are aimed to make a change on traffic and road safety in the Mwanza region.
    Speaking during the handover, Zantel Sales Coordinator for Northern Zone, Gerlad Lusingu said Zantel has always been committed in improving the wellbeing of the society by partnering with various efforts.

    Sales Coordinator Zantel, Gerald Lusingu (Left) handing over the reflective safety jackets to the the secretary of the Mwanza road safety committee, Nuru Suleman

    “The impact of this initiative in contributing to the safety on our roads is very significant. Carnages in our roads in terms of accident would be more easily tackled with the availability of reflective safety jackets” said Lusingu.

    Commenting on the Zantel’s support, the secretary of the Mwanza road safety committee, Nuru Suleman recommended Zantel for their efforts of partnering the government in serving Tanzanians lives and properties.

    ‘Our main aim is to educate, enforce and create awareness in the public about road safety. With the support from various partners, road safety committee is determined to see the number go low and to generally improve road safety in the region’ said Mr. Suleiman.

    Also speaking at the event, Chairman of the Union of Mwanza Bodaboda drivers, Makoye Kayanda said the reflective safety jackets will increase motorcyclists’ visibility especially at night which in turn will increase road safety.

    Chairman of the Union of Mwanza Bodaboda drivers, Makoye Kayanda holding the refelective safety jackets at the handing over ceremony.

    ‘We are very happy that Zantel has come out to be part of the initiative. Every person is a road user, whether you have a car or not, these high visibility jackets is a vital step towards improvement of Road safety’ said Kayanda.

    He reported that the number of road accidents involving bodabodas had been decreasing since 2012 thanks to various initiatives to the purpose and this addition of the reflective safety jackets then the accidents are likely to reduce even further.

    Mwanza Bodaboda riders posing for a photo after receiveing the reflective safety jackets.

    Statistics hold that there were 169 road accidents involving bodabodas in 2012 while in 2013 there were only 89 accidents, a commendable drop by any standards



    ZANTEL has handed over a support of 10'000'000 TZS to the Tanzania Netball Association (CHANETA) for the development of netball in Tanzania.

    Handing the cheque to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information, Youth, Culture and Sports, Honorable Sihaba Nkinga, ZANTEL Senior Government Relations Manager, Mr Charles Jutta said, 'ZANTEL aims to support the development and prosperity of netball in the country' .

    Speaking after receiving the cheque, Ms Nkinga expressed her appreciation towards ZANTEL for their generous support.

    ‘The involvement of ZANTEL will greatly contribute to the performance enhancement and development of Netball in Tanzania and will make the vision of CHANETA a reality’ said Nkinga.

    Speaking at the event, CHANETA Chairman, Ms Ana Kibira said Zantel’s support has come at the right time as they are in final preparation of the East Africa Netball Competition.

    Kibira also noted that the sponsorship is a milestone for CHANETA and they are certain that the sponsorship will make it possible for netball to go far.

    ‘We thank ZANTEL for this great support, and we want to assure them their support will go direct in supporting our programs and general development of netball in Tanzania’ said Kibira.

    ZANTEL has been in support of various sports activities in the country. This is the second consecutive year of their support to CHANETA.


    Coco Beach Concert, 9th March 2014

    Zantel tied up with our media partner Times FM once again, to organize a free concert at Coco beach. Event kicked off at 12.00hrs and wrapped up at 18.00hrs. Entertainment was from upcoming artist together with A class artists from Tanzania.

    Epiq Bongo Star Search 2012 Winner Walter Chilambo entertaining the fans.

    Sales team attending customers.

    Entertainment from Godzilla.

    Ezy pesa services.

    Crowd cheering at the artists.

    Chegee (Artist) entertaining the crowd.


    Shtuka Sasa Zanzibar, 1st March 2013

    Zantel Shtuka Sasa Concert wows fans in Zanzibar. Thousands of fans who have attended the ‘Shtuka Sasa’ concert in Zanzibar have congratulated their local mobile company Zantel for the memorable event. The event took action on the Uwanja wa Demokrasia (Kibanda Maiti) grounds over the weekend.

    The concert had Tanzania’s top artists such as Chegge, Madee and Dogo Aslay who took to the stage their top hits, making the fans sing and dance along throughout the concert.

    Speaking during the concert, Zantel Chief Commercial Officer, Sajid Khan said the concert is among the series of others to be conducted countrywide aimed in engaging with their customers.

    ‘Since early this year we have been organizing these concerts focused in entertaining and educating our customers on our products and services ’ said Khan.

    The Zanzibar opening entertainment was done by B-Six group, which is one of the hottest groups in the isles currently.

    Another group which brought fire on stage is Dogo Aslay of Mkubwa na wanawe, who sang their hit songs such as ‘Naenda Kusema, ‘Mapenzi ya Kitoto’ and many others who left the crowd reeling for more.

    Some of the fans attending the event commended Zantel for bringing entertainment to the isles fans.

    ‘As a leading telecom operator in Zanzibar, we recommend it very much for remembering us and bringing great entertainment which is a great opportunity for us to learn more of their products’ said Ashfa Mohamed.

    Also as part of sim registration drive, Zantel freelancers were able to register sim card for Zantel existing and new customers who attended the event.


    Zantel launches new awareness Program of Sim Registration.

    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 18-02-2014: Zantel Tanzania has launched awareness program about the importance of sim subscriber’s registration exercise beginning early this week to comply with the Law that requires mobile companies to register all SIM card users.

    According to the statement from the company, the program is aimed to protect subscribers from misuse of communication services, and also enable customers to be identified for using services like mobile banking, mobile money transfer and for utilities payment, like water, electricity, pay- TV etc.

    ‘This exercise will also ensure that all our existing customers and also new customers joining Zantel are properly informed and thus served better by our company’’ said Pratap Ghose, Zantel ’s Chief Executive Officer.

    The registration of SIM card is mandatory under the Electronics and Postal Communications Act (EPOCA) of 2010, and, under this law it is an offence to sell or distribute an unregistered SIM card, to use an unregistered SIM card, to fail to record sale of a SIM card and to provide false information of statement during SIM card registration.

    To register their SIM cards, subscribers are required to give their full name, produce identity document number( i.e National ID, Voter Card, Driving license, Passport, Work ID, etc.), physical / postal address, gender, date of birth and alternative contacts.

    “We understand that the customers have to make this extra effort to produce their ID or fill in other details, but this measure is finally for the greater good of all and the country as a whole” added Pratap.

    This SIM registration exercise is meant to curb the rising incidences of mobile phone perpetrated crimes, including kidnappings, fraud and hate messages.

    ‘’We thus call upon all our subscribers who have not registered their SIM card to do so immediately, and for those who want to know their registration status or re-verify their details should dial *106 #, in order to keep enjoying our services’’ insisted Pratap.

    In addition, Pratap said Zantel has now made it easier for its customers to register by having additional agents stationed countrywide. "This is in addition to our Zantel Shops, Dealer and EzyPesa outlets that are all authorized to register customers. In case the customer want to know the address of one of these customer care touch points, they should just dial 101 (English) and 100 (Swahili)“ insisted Pratap.


    Sports stakeholders have hailed mobile company, Zantel, for sponsoring the just ended Tanga Canoe competition which took place in Muheza district. The annual canoe competition involved 150 participant forming 30 teams, where Juma Mgeni was announced the winner.

    Speaking during the awarding ceremony, participant of the competition congratulated Zantel for their support to the game which is considered small among the Tanzanian community. ‘Most sponsors like supporting games with huge followers, forgetting other sports such as canoe’ said the guest of honor, Amina Mwidau, who is a special seat member of parliament.

    Speaking of their support, Zantel Chief Commercial Officer, Sajid Khan, said his company sponsorship to the canoe competition is their part of their responsibility as an organization for the society which they operate.

    Canoe competition has deep roots in the coastal regions, thus for Zantel sponsoring, is for supporting talents available in the region but also to provide opportunities for youth to employ that creativity to improve their daily life and the general society” said Khan.

    This year’s competition which took place in Kigombe village, also involved traditional dances from the coastal region.“We are grateful for Zantel being able to support our game, and we call for other companies to do the same, and for the government to list Canoe Competition in the Olympics’’ said Juma Mgeni, this year’s winner.


    Zantel trains 50 Extension Officers in Zanzibar

    Zantel Tanzania in collaboration with association of smallholder fruit and vegetable farmers in Zanzibar, (UWAMWIMA) has provided training to 50 extension officers in Zanzibar to enhance their ability on the use of a newly agriculture mobile application, Z-KILIMO.

    SMS-based Z-Kilimo is a service utilizing mobile phone capability and ubiquity to provide farmers in Tanzania access to comprehensive farming methods.

    Through Z-KILIMO services, farmers, even those in rural areas, can now easily gain access to vital information on how to properly manage their activities thus improve their productivity and, accordingly, enhance the agriculture sector.

    Zantel, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Cooperatives and Sibesonke Limited launched the service since last year to enable farmers to get timely agriculture information from the tips of their fingers.

    Speaking at the training, Zantel Head of Communications , Awaichi Mawalla, said Zantel have prepared the training for extension officers to make sure they fully understand and take advantage of Z-Kilimo.

    “Agriculture is the backbone of our economy, and it is contributing significantly to increase Tanzania’s growth rate and enhancing its economic prospects, by this service we are sure farmers will take agriculture to next level’’ said Mawalla.

    On his side, Coordinator of UWAMWIMA, Salum Rehani, acknowledged Zantel efforts in enabling farmers through mobile technology, and in particular the Z-Kilimo service.

    ‘’Through this service, farmers in Zanzibar can now improve their farming, boost productivity and increase their income’’ said Rehani.

    Farmers can join the service by dialing *149*50#, for more detail on how they can employ the service.


    Zantel wins award for Anti-Malaria fight efforts

    Dar es Salaam, 21-December, 2013: Telecom Company, Zantel Tanzania has won an award for private sector excellence in the fight against Malaria.

    The awards were given by John Hopkins University in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, aimed to acknowledge private sector companies’ role in the fight against the deadly disease.

    Presenting the awards, Minister of State, Prime Minister’s Office, Investment and Empowerment, Dr. Mary Nagu commended the company’s effort and said they have shown great example to other companies.

    Deputy Minister of Health, Seif Rashidi (C) presenting to Zantel Manager HR Operations, Frank Jackson, an award to Zantel for the company’s efforts in the anti-malaria fight. Looking on is Minister of State, Prime Minister’s Office, Investment and Empowerment, Dr. Mary Nagu.

    The event was also attended by Deputy Minister for Health, Seif Rashid who said the fight against Malaria is a shared responsibility and should not be left to governments alone.

    Zantel Senior Manager Marketing Communication, Awaichi Mawalla, who also won an individual award as a champion against Malaria fight, said Zantel decided to take action against the disease because wellbeing of their staff and customers is Zantel’s number one priority.

    Zantel announced their partnership with United Against Malaria through Malaria Safe Program aimed to promote awareness on prevention and treatment of Malaria.

    The partnership focuses on four pillars of Malaria Safe, which are Education, Protection, Visibility and Advocacy.

    Through Education and Protection pillars Zantel invested in ensuring their staffs are educated on malaria, they get right treatment and are protected from malaria through distribution of nets to each staff.

    Zantel also committed to advocate for Malaria Safe initiative by providing different platforms to ensure visibility of Malaria messages.

    “We are proud to win this award, which acknowledges our role to help end Malaria related deaths in Tanzania by using our core capacity as a telecom company to get the message out,” said Sajid Khan, Zantel Chief Commercial Officer.

    Malaria is a major public health problem in Tanzania with annual deaths estimated at 60,000, with 80 percent of these deaths among children under five years of age. Approximately 14 to 18 million clinical malaria cases are reported annually by public health services and more than 40 percent of all outpatient visits are attributed to malaria.

    Zantel has been able to extend the initiative to Zantel customers through distribution of Malaria related leaflets, posters and articles using Epiq Bongo Star Search, Fursa seminars, Epiq Open Mic and other company platforms.


    ZANTEL to create more jobs for youth

    Zantel Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Pratap Ghose (Left) greeting the second Vice President of Zanzibar, Ambassador Seif in his office at Vuga Mjini, Zanzibar.

    Zanzibar 9-12-2013: Telecom company, Zantel has vowed to increase efficiency through a newly communications installation system which is set to maximize and expand employment opportunities for youth in the country.

    Speaking to the second vice President of Zanzibar, Ambassador Seif Ali Iddi, Zantel Chief Executive Officer, Pratap Ghose said Zantel management is working with different institution to see ways they can execute their programs in order to assist the government in reducing life hardship midst the citizens.

    Zantel CEO, Mr. Pratap Ghose speaking to the second Vice President of Zanzibar, Ambassador Seif Ali Iddi.

    Pratap also told the second vice president of Zanzibar that apart from their company business expansion within six months the management is committed to increase its services which in turn will support the growth of the country’s economy.

    He underscored that, the e-money transfer system used by Zantel customers (Ezy-Pesa) has been improved to be able to pay different bills through their network, and it is currently providing employment to a large section of youth.

    Furthermore, Pratap said his company faces some obstacles on their operations, noting tax payment system that requires his company to pay tax through ZRB and TRA.

    “The services we provide are aimed to all Tanzanians, those in the Island and in the mainland, and we are working very hard to make sure we satisfy our customers’ insisted Pratap. On his side, Director of Commercial Operations for Zantel Zanzibar, Mohamed Mussa, said his company will be fully involved in celebrating the 50th year’s anniversary of the revolutionary government of Zanzibar by providing live projections of the event from the Aman Stadium.

    Mr Mussa said that, the activity would be accomplished in collaboration with the office of second vice president of Zanzibar noting it was giving opportunity for the citizen who couldn’t get chance of being at the event to watch at different porch in Zanzibar municipal.

    In his remarks, the second vice president congratulated Etisalat and Zantel for their commitment in providing high level communication service to their customers.

    He further noted that communication services have facilitated the growth of development in both rural and urban areas.

    The second Vice President of Zanzibar, Ambassador Seif Ali Iddi, congratulating Mr. Pratap Ghose, Zantel CEO, and his company for giving excellent telecommunication services and internet.

    The Vice President also reiterated the government’s commitment to Etisalat’s through Zantel management saying the government of Zanzibar will continue making follow up to resolving problems facing Zantel particularly the double tax pay. Zantel Sponsors Youth Empowerment Initiative - FURSA

    Telecom Company, Zantel has announced to sponsor a Youth Empowerment Initiative – FURSA, organized in collaboration with Clouds Media Group.
    The initiative is striving to teach young job seekers the necessary vocational and entrepreneurial skills to foster job creation and innovation.

    Artist Mrisho Mpoto giving a few words

    The seminars are aimed to teach youth technical skills for them to self-employ themselves, while also developing necessary leadership and entrepreneurial skills to become tomorrow's job creators.

    "We are teaching these youth skills which will help them convert from being job seekers to job creators," said Ruge Mutahaba, Clouds Media Group, Director of Programs and Production.

    Speakers of the seminars will include artists such as Mrisho Mpoto and Ambwene Yesaya (A.Y), Ruge Mutahaba, National Social Security Fund representatives and other guest speakers.

    Artist AY speaking with Fursa attendees

    Speaking of the seminars, Zantel’s Chief Commercial Officer, Sajid Khan said empowerment of the youth is Zantel’s top agenda, thus they feel this will be another great opportunity for the youth in the country to be empowered with key technical skills.

    "Small and Medium enterprises, if developed, can play an important role in this endeavor. These seminars will ease unemployment by creating jobs for the youth and the fastest-growing segments of the poor and unemployed in urban areas," said Khan.

    The Fursa Seminars were launched over the weekend in Kigoma, with Kigoma Regional Commissioner, Issa Machibya as guest of honor.

    Guest of Honor: Kigoma Regional Commissioner Issa Machibya

    Other regions where Fursa seminars will take place is Mwanza, Mbeya, Shinyanga, Moshi, Tanga, Musoma, Morogoro, Tabora. Mtwara, Iringa, Dodoma and Dar-es-Salaam.


    Zantel launches partnership with United Against Malaria
    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania-9th-July, 2013: Zantel, Tanzania has announced today their new partnership with United Against Malaria through Malaria Safe Program to promote awareness on prevention and treatment of Malaria.

    The partnership focuses on four pillars of Malaria Safe, which are Education, Protection, Visibility and Advocacy

    Zantel Chief Commercial Officer, Sajid Khan, addressing journalists during the launch of Zantel partnership with United Against Malaria. He is flanked by Malaria ambassador, Leodeger Tenga, also Tanzania Football Federation President and Furaha Kabuye, Malaria Program Manager.

    The ambassador for Malaria Tanzania Mr. Leodeger Tenga who is also The President of Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) addressing journalists during the launch of Zantel partnership with United Against Malaria. On his left Mr. Sajid Khan, Zantel's Chief Commercial Officer.

    Download press release here.


    Zantel Launches EPIQ BSS Season Seven

    Dar es Salaam, 19th June, 2013: Zantel Tanzania has today launched the new season of Epiq Bongo Star Search, aiming to give more youth an opportunity to discover, develop and establish their career in music.

    The new season dubbed 'Muzik Biz Edition' will connect with music stakeholders in the country, thus giving participants of the competition more publicity, connection and skills to churn out their career after the competition.

    This year slogan is 'KAMUA', meaning ...

    Zantel's Chief Commercial Officer, Mr Sajid Khan, speaking during the launch of EBSS new season. Benchmark Managing Director, Rita Paulsen on his right and to the left EBSS last season winner Walter Chilambo.

    Benchmark Managing Director and EBSS Chief Judge Rita Paulsen, insisting on something when speaking to the media during the event.

    Push Mobile Campaign Manager Mr. Rodney Rugambo, elaborating on registration through mobile.

    EBSS 2012 season's winner Mr. Walter Chilambo, speaking to the media about EBSS new season.

    EBSS 2012 season's winner Walter Chilambo, shaking hands with Mr. Sajid Khan a zantel's Chief Commercial Officer during the launch of EBSS new season. Witnessing is a Chief Judge Rita Paulsen.
    Download press release here.