Roam around the world with Zantel, through International roaming facility. You can use your mobile phone to make calls while travelling outside Tanzania. Stay in touch with your family, friends and colleagues back home as well as make calls and send messages to anywhere in the world. 
International roaming

Covering over 120 countries and more than 300 GSM networks across the world, Zantel offers you the widest coverage while roaming abroad. Stay connected anywhere and anytime with Zantel and experience seamless roaming coverage on the move.

How to make call or SMS while roaming in other country
If you are roaming in Dubai and want to call someone in UK or Tanzania, you need to dial 
"+" (Country Code) (Mobile Number) if calling a mobile number
e.g.   +25577XXXXXXXX
"+" (Country Code) (Area Code) (Telephone/fixed line Number) if calling a fixed line number
e.g.  +25524XXXXX
International call should be prefix with " + ". 

Inflight roaming
Make and receive Calls & SMS in flight ! 
Zantel Customers can use this service through Aero Mobile while travelling abroad by Emirates and/or Malaysian Airlines. Please contact our customer care representatives for more information before departure.

International Roaming Charges
Charges will be applicable as per the visited countries network operator with inclusive of applicable tax. Outgoing calls, incoming calls, satellite calls, Sending SMS and GPRS usage will be charged and included in the monthly bill for postpaid subscribers and will be deducted from the balance for prepaid subscribers.

Note / Disclaimar
i. Mobile number should be activated for international roaming. Please visit Zantel customer care for activation in case of postpaid subscribers, prepaid customers pre activation is not required.
ii. Before you roam please ensure you have cleared your outstanding bill in case of a postpaid number and have sufficient balance in case of prepaid customers to avoid any service interruption or disconnection while travelling abroad
iii. Mobile Handset should be compatible to use roaming services abroad with features which support GSM 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, and 1900 MHz frequency
iv. When data is on in some countries charges apply even if not used.
v. Prices are subject to change without notice
vi. All prices and services offered are based on information provided by the partner networks
vii. While roaming all incoming calls are charged.
viii. Local offers do not apply when roaming.