Zantel is the only operator in Tanzania to offer two technologies for wireless broadband services (HSPA+ and CDMA). Each of the two technologies has its own strength and weakness, thus by having these technologies Zantel can offer you the best technology to suit your needs.

CDMA Devices

Zantel offers CDMA technology primarily for Modem use. These modems are able to offer wireless connectivity of physical connectivity using USB or LAN depending on your requirement.

The choice of Modem depends on your use and Zantel provides 3 Different types of Modems namely, USB stick, Mi-Fi and Wi-Fi that offers instant connectivity to the Internet

Modems are provided free of charge depending on the contract you select.

USB Stick

This is the most popular modem in Tanzania because of its simplicity and versatility. USB Stick can be used directly by and desktop or laptop that has USB port. Apart from direct connectivity any wireless router configured to utilize USB stick can also use this modem.
USB stick is compatible with Windows operating system, Mac OS & Linux in a simple plug and play configuration.


This is one of the most sophisticated modem in the market. This modem is both convenient and loaded with features to make your tasks simpler. This modem comes standard with battery that allows you to get connected even without access to commercial power outlet. The charge time would depend on the model that is currently being offered. This modem can connect up to 5 devices that use Wi-Fi on a shared bandwidth.

This modems comes with its own password to protect your wireless connectivity that can be changed anytime.

This Modem gives you the added advantage by being available for use at work or at home, in Dar es Salaam or in the regions, with or without commercial power all this while enjoying the amazing bundles offered.


This modem is perfectly suited either at home or in a small office. This modem does not come with a battery and would need UPS power supply to operate. The main difference between this modem and a Mi-Fi modem is that this modem has larger Wi-Fi coverage and can connect using Wi-Fi or LAN. This modem comes equipped with a USB stick for connectivity. The modem management is easy to use.


Post paid Contract offers bundles to suit your needs. Unique feature of post-paid contract is that it allows you to get services beyond your selected bundle by huge saving on standard rate.

Pre Paid Contract

Pre paid Contract offers strict control for your Business by stopping immediately after exhausting your bundle. This gives you complete control for your business usage.