Mobile Services

Tanzania is dominated by pre pay phone system, which offers control in terms of usage allowing users to manage the cost aspect of communication efficiently. Post pay system allows users to enjoy the world of roaming (Data and Voice) with our vast partners worldwide.

Zantel pre pay system does offer voice and SMS roaming in many countries allowing our customers constant communication.

Zantel does understand the importance of both of these systems at various levels and that is why both are offered packed with value added services.

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Prepaid Services

Stay connected with flexible prepaid plans that suit your business needs.This service gives you full control of your communication spends yet with flexible payments terms. This service is available on contract basis and applicable to variety of Handsets free of charge.

Postpaid Services

Our Postpaid Packages are ideal if you use your phone frequently and require extensive roaming services on voice and Data.
You can use your mobile phone to make calls while travelling outside Tanzania.

Zantel offers the widest roaming coverage while roaming abroad. You can roam with voice and Data with our global partners.

You can save up to 30% on ZANTEL postpaid packages.
The service is available on contract basis.

*Post Paid Roaming is not an automatic feature for Post paid and need to be applied after subscribing to post paid services.

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Typically businesses have a mixed environment of Postpaid and Prepaid users. Zantel'sclosed user group creates a group across these various services and enables unlimited calls 24hours a day within the group free of charge. This enables real collaboration across the various business units whilst maintaining cost predictability.


  • - Can be used on prepaid or postpaid
  • - Offers unlimited phone calls to facilitate business correspondence within the business
  • - Free handsets for members of the CUG provided they qualify with Minimum Recharge

Key Benefits
Typical cost savings between 30% - 40% on mobile communications Pre Pay facilitates cost management and cost predictability for easy budgeting
Latest Handsets available depending on your Monthly Spends
Promotes communication and collaboration within the organization, particularly across working groups

ii. Blackberry Services

These are services that allow you to enjoy mobility beyond email and get unlimited access to Internet, emails, instant messaging and more...

Wireless access to communications and information is no longer a luxury reserved for top executives—it is a business necessity for mobile workers and corridor warriors throughout your organization.

Zantel offers The BlackBerry® Enterprise SolutionTM and Prepaid Internet Service (BIS and BlackBerry Complete) which helps to boost business performance by increasing overall productivity and allowing workers to make timely decisions based on the most accurate information available.

The BlackBerry® Service Solutions allows mobile users to access communications and information wirelessly, including:
  • - Messaging and Collaboration Tools.
  • - Email.
  • - Instant Messaging.
  • - Personal Information Management.
  • - Enterprise Data.
  • - Personal Productivity Tools.

iii. Z-Biashara
With Z-Biashara, Communication has never been affordable. Tailored to meet your business needs. Get free latest handset models, Talk Time across all networks & SMSs.

  • - Bundled minutes and sms to all networks within Tanzania International voice and data roaming (upon request)
  • - Unlimited BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) and Blackberry Enterprise Services (BES)
  • - Free Handsets.

Key Benefits
  • - Ease business to business communication costs.
  • - Mobilized workforce through BlackBerry BIS Service.
  • - Latest handset models.
  • - Business Growth, increase productivity and cost benefit.

Usage Plan Plan Details (Monthly) Handset
Z Biashara (Z100) National Minutes: 100, National SMS: 50 Nokia 100
Z Biashara (Z300) National Minutes: 300, National SMS: 150 Nokia 200
Z Biashara (Z600) National Minutes: 600, National SMS: 250 Nokia 302
Z Biashara (Z1000) National Minutes: 1000, National SMS: 500 Nokia 303
Z Biashara (Z2000) National Minutes: 2000, National SMS: 1000 Samsung S3
Blackberry (B1000) National Minutes: 1000, National SMS: 500 BB 9320, Includes BIS Service
Blackberry (B2000) National Minutes: 2000, National SMS: 1000 BB 9790, Includes BIS Service


In the ever-growing world of handset development operators find it difficult to select the right devices for the customers that is why Zantel will supply handsets free of Charge, based on customer’s request of Handset. The handsets will be provided as long as they are available in Tanzania though authorized dealership

Nokia 303, 302 & 200, Lumia

Bold 9790and Curve 9320, Z10, Q10, Q5

S3, S4 and E1205

“Iphone 4s &iphone 5