RRBT (Reverse Ring back Tone)
Listen to your favorite song whenever you make calls, dial 15323 to subscribe. You will be charged only 30Tsh/Day.

CRBT (Caller Ring Back Tone)
Get amazing tones to whoever calls you, dial 15098 select 1 to subscribe. You will be charged only 65Tsh/Day.

Voice Chat
Find new friends to have a voice chat with, dial 0901901901 to subscribe. You will be charged only 20Tsh/Day.

Islamic Portal Listen for free and get Dua, Qaswidah, Quruanand mawaidha,dial 0901904444 to subscribe. You will be charged only 65Tsh/Day

MOD (Music On Demand)
Listen for free and Download the latest music, dial 0901900000to subscribe. You will be charged only 65Tsh/Day.

Live Radio
Listen live hot radio stations, dial 0901999999 to subscribe. Packages are; Packs 30@Tsh with 15 Minutes free browsing valid for 1 day,Packs 60@Tsh with 30 Minutes Free browsing valid for 1 day and Packs 90@Tsh with 60 Minutes Free browsing valid for 1 day.

SMS Vifurushi
Subscribe to amazing SMS Packs, dial *149*15# select 5 to have your exciting SMS Pack.

SMS Services
Be the first to get latest news on sports, health, movies, horoscope and more, dial *148*08# to subscribe. Charges are Tsh150/Day, Ths700/Week and Tsh1500/Month.

Join Barcelona FC fan club by sending the word BARCELONA to 15650 and you will receive latest Barcelona updates.Subscriberswill receive latest news, video, wall papers, ring back tone and Barcelona Mobile Games.

Z-Kilimo will enableyou to access timely and relevant information regarding modern farming methods directly from their mobile phones, dial *149*50# to have all farming tip on your fingers.


Imagine you run out of credit and you need to send a very urgent text message. With Tikitaka you can still send your message even you do not have credit.

How does the service Work?

Write your message and send to 15583 followed by recipient’s number. For example write ‘Don’t forget to buy electricity! And send to 15583773123456. The recipient collects (Receives) the SMS and is charged Tsh40 Only.

To access MMS, WAP and INTERNET on your phone, send the word MMS or WAP or INTERNET (Handset Model) to 15099. For example MMS Nokia 600.

Now you can make calls without credit, dial # followed by called number. Called party will be
charged as per his/her service class.
Eg. Dial #0778283924

Credit Transfer
Zantel prepaid subscribers can transfer airtime to other Zantel prepaid subscribers. Subscriber will be deducted only 0.03 of amount transferred.
Dial *141*amount*subscriber number*#
For example *141*1000*0778283924#

Facebook SMS
Facebook SMS subscription:

  1. Send "fb" to 15582
  2. You will receive an activation code from 15582.
  3. Log in your account at (if you don't have an account register at
  4. Go to Account >> account settings >> mobile; click "Already received a confirmation code?" Enter the code (if this fails, please log out and log into your account and try again).
  5. Or click "Already received a confirmation code?" Enter the code (if this fails, please log out and log into your account and try again).
  6. You will be requested to enter your Facebook password for confirmation of your request.
  7. Then go to notifications:
    • You have to select the individual notifications you would like to receive on your mobile phone. The general notifications are listed below.
    • Click on the Edit button (in front of the notification); tick the box under the envelop icon for the notifications you would like to receive on your phone, and then click on "Save Changes"

      All Notifications:
      • Facebook
      • Photos
      • Pages
      • Events
      • Links
      • Video
      • Help Centre
      • Wall Comments
      • Other updates from Facebook etc.

Updating Status:

You can write on the Web page, send messages, poke friends, write wall posts, etc. SMS notifications will be sent to your mobile device and you can reply directly to these texts to respond to the messages on the site as illustrated in the examples below. Example: Your friend's name is Mariam Hamisi (the bold part is the text you can send).
Below are sample of the services, which you can use in Facebook SMS Service.

Set your Status Update your status by sending your message to. For example:
I am now using Facebook mobile, an awesome service.
Send to your status will appear on the home page of Facebook.
See your friend's statusQuery last three friend's status by sending the word "status" to 15582

Poke your friend Poke your friends send P or poke followed by friends name
For example: P Mariam Hamisi send to 15582
Write on your friend wall Write on friends wall by writing wall followed by name of a friend
For example: wall Mariam Hamisi what's up send to 15582

Add a friend by phone number Send a friend request by using phone number
For example: add 773777111 to 15582

Search for a friend on Facebook Searches for friends on Facebook by writing search followed by name of friend
For example: search Mariam Hamisi send to 15582
Get your friends info on Facebook Get profile information of a friend write the word info followed by name of friend
For example: info Mariam Hamisi send to 15582
To get list of commands Returns a short list of commands send help to 15582
Go stop the face book SMS service Want to disable Facebook Texts?
Send off to 15582

Terms and Conditions:

In case you do not receive any notification SMS, please do check the following:
Check other settings on the mobile settings page.